Welcome to Classic B Designs!

It is official…as of July 1, 2012, I am in business! 

Thanks for visiting my new website as I join the online handcraft design and production community!  I am so thrilled to have taken this important step.  I can officially say that I am embarking on an adventurous journey...

At present I am ‘busy as a bee’ establishing a  design portfolio that is reflective of the exploration of my skills, interests and talents,  as I define my personal niche – concentrating on one of a kind designs - establishing a common ground with you – customers, fellow crafters and designers! 

I have had such tremendous positive feedback and encouragement from family, friends, and co-workers. 

This is not a surprise as I have always been at-home with creating, designing, making things.  When growing up, and needed something – I just designed it.  Back then I called it "making do" – now it’s an industry called DIY, handcrafts, living a sustainable life!

My passion is fueled by the pursuit of gratitude - using what I have, creating beauty and appreciating the special gift in everything and everyone! A self-taught and technically trained graphic artist and crafter, I have an associate degree in communication design and have taken additional courses in graphic design, jewelry design, painting, and drawing.  I hope to incorporate my formal and informal training in my jewelry design business.

I am inspired by clean, classic design with a vintage and bohemian influence.  You will see this play itself out in my jewelry and accessories designs.  Inspiration is everywhere!  In interior design, fashion, nature – fine art and museums.  I find that I particularly enjoy experimenting with color combinations and elements.

At present, my website is ever evolving.  Thanks for your interest. Comments and inspiration will be welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by...and for joining me on this incredible journey!